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Repose Editor

Blackberry Application
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Believers' Congress

Blackberry Application
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Chivita Friendometer

Facebook Application
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Hospital Assistant Pro 1.0

Android Application
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Web Development

General web application development, server side programming, integration of various APIs into your website and much more.

PHP preferred, but ASP.NET is also an option.

Websites ranging from online shopping to a simple photo gallery, or any other form of dynamic websites, we are sure to deliver.

Social Network Integration

We integrate social network plugins in your website, so people can like, tweet, comment, +1 and so much more, directly from your website.

Listed below are a few you would be familiar with:

Facebook applications and plugin integration

We develop facebook application as well as general facebook social media plugin integration (adding the like button, share button, send button e.t.c. to your website).
Very useful in creating online awareness for your business at your convinience.

Twitter Plugin integration

You can place a tweet button on your site for easier status publishing. You can also embed your tweets on your site which automatically updates as you tweet.

Web Design

We also create static websites, with designs to exceed your taste, making the benchmark trivial.

Mobile application development

We also develop mobile applications customized to your requirements, currently for only android and blackberry devices

My resume/CV

C.V of Godson Ukpere - SEP 2012
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C.V of Godson Ukpere - SEP 2013
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Download Troll Maze Free!!! 2012

troll Maze
Troll Maze is a little blackberry game I developed.

Its a simple maze game consists of 20 Levels, you have limited time to move the troll head to its exit.

Compatible with
Blackberry OS 5,6,7 and 7.1
Android version coming soon [when i‘m bored]

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Web Applications

· PaidTrends, a crowd-sourced advertising platform.

· Remi Kuti, a metro styled Autoblog.

Repose Editor and FTP Client

Repose Editor
Are you a developer on the go...?
Repose Editor is an app for you.
Compatible with Blackberry 5-10.2

Repose FTP client is a smart and super fast mobile FTP client.

Blackberry World

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Checkout my FTP api

Engage in FTP via Web now

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